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10 Tips to Help Your Dishwasher Run Better

If you’re lucky enough to have some (mechanical!) help with your dishes, how’s your helper doing these days? Cooking can be tough on the dishwasher. All those goopy soups, milk-crusted mugs, and baked-on casseroles can overload it; perhaps you’re feeling like things aren’t running…

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Cleaning Silver Stains

There’s no need to worry about stained silverware in the home this holiday season. With a simple solution from the house cleaning experts at Santopi Cleaning, silver throughout the home will be shining soon. To polish your silver, all that’s needed is a cake pan, aluminum foil, baking soda…

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Wine Glass Cleaning

Washing by hand is by far the most effective wine glass cleaning method. In a pinch, though, the dishwasher is a suitable option – but maybe not for your best wine glasses. If you do use the dishwasher, Santopi Cleaning recommends a delicate cycle and leaving plenty of room between…

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Get Rid of Fruit Flies

First, reduce their presence by taking care of what’s attracting them: the ripening fruit, dirty dishes (especially wine glasses and any dishes with jelly or fruit juice), sticky counters and full-of-organic-waste garbage disposal that needs to be run regularly. Then target fruit fly breeding grounds by…

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Oven Cleaning

Some models have a “clean” setting that often “locks” the oven door really tight and then uses its own convection coils to essentially incinerate the baked-on spills and splatters. The powdery ash that this process leaves at the bottom of your oven can be removed with the dusting attachment of…

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Sink Cleaning Tips

This is an extremely easy process to complete after getting the dishes done, requiring only baking soda and a sponge. Simply sprinkle baking soda onto the sponge and gently rub down the sink, removing leftover food from the dishes and ridding the sink of growing bacteria…

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Professional House Cleaning Tips for Your Kitchen

Before you begin deep cleaning your kitchen, take the proper steps to prepare. Dust all the areas of the kitchen to prepare the surfaces for your work. Then fill up the sink with a cleaning solution mixture so that you can easily soak your cloth often throughout the process…

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